Christmas/Birthday Book Haul

The great thing about having my birthday right after Christmas is more books. Last year I received loads from my parents (which half I’m still yet to read), this year was no different! Most of my presents were books. The others were a really cute bangle which I adore;


I love it so much, if you want to get your own you can buy one here, though I’m unsure if they ship outside of Australia (not sponsored, I just really love their bangles).
I also received some earrings and car insurance because I’m all about those practical gifts! But ya’ll don’t care about all that. You want books!


My mum ordered all of these from Book Depository who I have nothing but love for, they are notoriously take a while to arrive and even when ordering before the suggested Christmas date, my books always seem to arrive late. I’m not complaining though because it usually means I get fun book surprises in the mail and if I order books for myself as well I usually get a book a day for weeks since they generally send them all individually.
Funnily enough, I very rarely buy books I haven’t read before and when adding books to my wishlist for Christmas and my birthday, I tend to stick to that rule, though I make exceptions for books by authors I already know I love.
This year I broke all the booking-buying-rules. Only one book I asked for I had already read in entirety, though basically half of the haul was made up of an author I had read before. I don’t know what came over me, but reasonable and logical Greyson flew out the fucking window and I don’t even regret it… yet.


First up, A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue;


So I have been following McKenzie Lee’s #bygonebadassbroads on twitter for the last few months and when I noticed she was an author I had to check out her book. Then I find that it was already on my TBR and so now I had to read it. I originally borrowed it on Overdrive in November and then over committed myself by deciding to do Graphic Novel December. So I put it on the top of my Christmas Wishlist and begged mum to make sure it was the first one she bought. She happily obliged and guys I can’t wait to read this one! I only read the first few chapters on Overdrive and dear lord it’s so fucking gay, I love it! 


The Hate U Give;

hateThis was another must have for me. I mean, hello, it was only the #1 NYT bestseller for fucking months.
When I first heard about THUG, I knew it was going to be a must read and it has done nothing but prove that since before it’s release. It’s received rave reviews and I’ve seen very few bad things said about it.
It was on my To-Buy list for a while and then it was banned at a school in Texas and so I decided now I absolutely needed to own a copy in protest because nothing will push my ass into gear more than injustice, so I added it to my wishlist and my mum delivered.


The Shadow and Bone Trilogy;

the-shadow-and-bone-trilogy-boxed-setEver since I read Six of Crows, I have been in love with Leigh Bardugo’s writing… The only problem is that I’ve only ever read the Six of Crows duology. For some reason, I started there instead of reading the Shadow and Bone trilogy first. I had heard such great things about SoC that I couldn’t wait and since I also heard that you could read it before the first trilogy without any problems, I gave in.
I’ve since vowed to fix that and what a perfect way to do so than by reading these beauties. I mean look at them, they’re so pretty I could cry!


The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic;


When I found out that there would be a short story collection set in the Grisha Universe I knew I needed it. And then I saw the cover and dear God, it’s beautiful. And then I heard it described as the fairy-tales the characters from the Grisha Universe would have heard as children so I was holding on with dear life because I was all in.
I nearly bought this for myself in paperback but I’m glad I didn’t because instead I got it as a gift in hardback and it’s so gorgeous it hurts to look at it. Am I being a drama queen? You bet. But it’s worthy of the drama (I mean I don’t actually know if that’s true since I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure it is).


Wonder Woman: Warbringer;

wonder woman

Last year I went and saw the new Wonder Woman film in cinemas with my best friend. We were both super hyped about getting a superhero movie with a female lead since being deprived of such for so long (seriously I’m still so salty about this that I stopped watching any of the Avengers-related movies after the first few because I realized we weren’t going to get a Black Widow film anytime soon, if at all). Neither of us was disappointed.
So when I heard that DC was doing these novels written by popular YA authors I was so psyched and knew that I needed not only a Wonder Woman novel but a Wonder Woman novel written by Leigh Bardugo. I can’t wait to devour this one!


The Raven Cycle;


I read The Raven Boys last October after seeing The Raven Cycle all over Goodreads. Seriously, it seemed like every single person had read the series and would not stop talking about it. I’m usually super wary of hyped books because I’ve been burnt in the past but I also had a gut feeling I would love this series. My gut is usually right. So I gave in, read the first book, fell in love the world and characters and added the whole series to my wishlist.
They just look so beautiful on my shelf, their spines are just as gorgeous as the rest of the covers and that is rare!


BONUS: The Harry Potter Series;

harrySo, I uh, went a bit crazy and bought the Harry Potter series as a birthday present for myself. I have zero regrets.
It’s my first ever set of the books. I didn’t get into the books until I was 17 because they always intimidated young, easily-distracted, short-attention-span Greyson.
When I did read them for the first time I borrowed them from a friend. Last year I decided to reread them and actually finish the last book so I knew I wanted to get them eventually but figured I’d just buy them as I go since the set I really wanted was hard to find.
But then I looked on a secondhand selling site and I found them. The Adult Paperback edition for only $40, by Aussie standards that’s a steal. So I talked my parents into taking me to pick them up on the way home from my birthday dinner. As soon as I saw the woman’s welcome mat (Star Wars), I knew I was among my people.
They’re still in perfect condition and the only reason she was selling them is because she already has multiple sets and got it as a gift. I wanted to hug her and I don’t even like hugging my own family.


I am forever grateful for a mother who not only gets my obsession with books but also contributes to it and gifts me so many beautiful ones. I’m so thankful that my parents can afford to gift me the books I can’t always afford for myself. I am incredibly lucky.

So that’s my haul, it’s now nearly February and I still haven’t read any of them because I still have books from the library and ARCs to get through but trust me when I finally get through all of them, I will be lost in my new books and I can’t wait.

What books have you recently got your hands on?




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